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Are we really meant to micro-focus on a particular career? Hyper-specialisation or Polymathy, what is the way forward for the modern workforce? #focus #career #polymath #author https://t.co/roeodk0mqN

LID Radio Episode 124: The Polymath with Waqās Ahmed https://t.co/M3ITG2XVxc via @Audioboom

#Books2Watch | The Polymath: Unlocking the Power of Human Versatility by Waqas Ahmed https://t.co/Kfj42zu3G1 @WileyBusiness #polymath #unlock #power #human #versatility #business #leadership #management #inspiration #motivation

"The true specialist is actually a polymath”
"Polymathic versatility has never been more needed, to deal with complex challenges" #Polymath #Specialism #Generalism
The Polymath: Unlocking the Power of Human Versatility. Waqās Ahmed
John Wiley & Sons, 2019

I love this review and must get the book. I think my love for writing and music makes me a better doc and scientist- and as important, it keeps life new and interesting. One example not mentioned in review: @NIHDirector Francis Collins, who sings and plays 🎸. #polymath https://t.co/TxAKVVZ0ig

In pursuit of polymathy https://t.co/LBN9TPHRdp

"Perhaps, as Ahmed @ThePolymathBook provocatively argues, “the true #specialist is actually a #polymath”.
[Andrew Robinson] ht @EricTopol
https://t.co/5Tm6VSqdJL https://t.co/iDQmFTregl

"The book’s focus on #polymathy is pioneering—there are vastly more publications with “#genius” in the title than “polymathy”. "
@ThePolymathBook reviewed by Andrew Robinson https://t.co/3BWz4xjbiN https://t.co/4Z5GQOtOBN

Interesting ideas here on the #FutureOfWork and the #skills we'll need "6 Steps To Unleash Your Inner Polymath And Thrive At Work" via @forbes https://t.co/9c1syrAZu6 HT @AdiGaskell

Jack of all trades, master of none. But: "The danger of over-specialisation, though, is that you become very narrow in your skill set and tribal in your attitude."

.@FT .@andrewtghill #generalist #polymath


@andrewtghill @FinancialTimes Excellent - diversity in innovation networks requires we understand the language of others #polymath

Interesting opinion piece on the profile of successful/desirable leaders; more recently, I have heard the expression Pi-shaped used (not quite the polymath M-shape but a profile with a secondary experience/expertise ‘leg’ to stand on). https://t.co/qyzPErzeuv via @financialtimes

Why generalists trump specialists and why we should cultivate our inner polymath. My column. https://t.co/5iBd5H1Hmp via @financialtimes

I agree with this Lancet piece - 'the true specialist is actually as polymath'. It's good to know a lot about a lot of things! https://t.co/w4wHzO1f4A

From the Lancet | Perspectives | In pursuit of polymathy Andrew Robinson Polymath - A person of wide knowledge or learning. Origin early 17th century: from Greek polumathēs ‘having learned much’, from polu- ‘much’ + the stem of manthanein ‘learn’. @WildernessEMC

Could the world benefit from adopting a therapeutic approach to crises? Author and polymath Jared Diamond thinks so… https://t.co/lPFuZJpLuA

@shanemuk @EricTopol @TheLancet I have always wanted a reverse of the current specialization apprenticeship model. A super-generalist which determines when to send patients for procedures vs. having the specialists decide(which are incentivized by volume).

@EricTopol @TheLancet Superspecialisation is the death of healthcare - it traps the patient into an endless cycle of "seeing specialists" and they're often left without someone to take that all-important helicopter view. Yay #polymaths (maybe not that rare?)

To succeed, we'll need to be polymaths 😉
https://t.co/cp1UMBzk8D @TheLancet

@Rizzsid @EricTopol @TheLancet Thanks Riz - have just ordered @ThePolymathBook Will provide an important perspective for a grant I’m currently working on 🙂

LID Radio Episode 124: The Polymath with Waqās Ahmed https://t.co/HmVBBSQihG via @LID_radio

To bring innovative and affordable therapies into standard of care, we need polymath individuals with a broad vision of medicine integrating artificial intelligence and health economics. Read this inspring book by W Ahmed @ThePolymathBook

Check out the exclusive interview with world-leading #futurist and #inventor Ray Kurzweil for @ThePolymathBook

Here it is: https://t.co/kh6ptz7mrf

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The collapse of academia stems from how it rewards specialization and isolates daring thinking into silos of specialization. When Polymaths show up who are able to integrate thinking across disciplines (say economics, anthropology, and philosophy) you get blasphemy and revolution

A recent comment in the LIS office escalated into an excited debate amongst team members over which books they would recommend to future polymaths. So, naturally, we turned to Twitter.

Check out the suggestions we received here: https://t.co/xa7uKuUqNn


'Where the mind is without fear'!

Remembering the polymath, educationist, lyricist, poet extraordinaire, Nobel laureate #RabindranathTagore on his birth anniversary, who gave us our National Anthem

Remembering #Gurudev #RabindranathTagore, polymath, poet, artist, lyricist, playwright, novelist & educationist, on his birth anniversary [though Bengalis celebrate 25th Boisakh on 9 May]. He gave voice to India's soul. Let us strive for his India "where the mind is without fear"

In honour of #Leonardo500, we're celebrating the genius of the artist, inventor, and polymath Leonardo da Vinci 👨‍🎨

'The Virgin of the Rocks' by Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519), @nationalgallery

From 'boring' machines to dreams of flight, explore Leonardo da Vinci's genius through the models of his ideas in our collection #Leonardo500

💡 https://t.co/GxHsk10jMS

Inspired by #LeonardodaVinci on his 500th anniversary today? Here's how to awaken your own inner #polymath: https://t.co/PIiXUz4Aqw

#Leonardo500 #daVinci500

After just a short period online, @ThePolymathBook has reached 500 followers on exactly the date of the 500th anniversary of #LeonardodaVinci! How auspicious! Check out why: https://t.co/DD9tEPdMl5

#Leonardo500 #daVinci500 #polymath

Here's how anyone become a #polymath like #LeonardodaVinci: https://t.co/DD9tEPdMl5

#Leonardo500 #Leonardo #daVinci500 #DaVinci

Today, 2nd May 2019, is the 500th Anniversary of the death of one of the greatest creative geniuses to have walked this planet - Leonardo da Vinci.

Check out the opening celebrations @NationalGallery: https://t.co/4QKQPJCXQG

#polymath #daVinci500 #Leonardo500 #LeonardodaVinci

Professor Martin Kemp, the world's foremost expert on #LeonardodaVinci wrote the Prologue to @ThePolymathBook, setting out why #Leonardo was the archetype of a #polymath. Check out his Prologue for free here: https://t.co/4wtvkrv1C8

#Leonardo500 #daVinci500

A major new choral work has been commissioned to commemorate 500 years since the death of the renowned polymath Leonardo da Vinci #r4today



"The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions."--Leonardo da Vinci, died OTD 1519.

Leonardo da Vinci died 500 years ago today. Find out what he had achieved by your age: https://t.co/D3IAzPgEHB

Leonardo da Vinci died 500 years ago today.

His influence can still be felt in science, math, architecture, design, engineering, geology, cartography, sculpting, drawing and, of course, painting. https://t.co/eVuSsyqGqg

"The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art."
What Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical drawings tell us today:


Today, on the 500th anniversary of his death, we pay tribute the work and mastermind of Leonardo da Vinci. His contributions to the worlds of art and science cannot be overstated.

Learn more in the @UNESCOCourier: https://t.co/23AVhY2W9b #UNESCOCourier #Leonardo500

Why Leonardo da Vinci continues to fascinate the modern world @wefbookclub https://t.co/Lfk9zAOqYV #art #wefbookclub

Today marks 500 years since Leonardo da Vinci died and the world lost its greatest-ever polymath. Here are four ways in which he was ahead of his time. https://t.co/cYBa9H7NrZ

Da Vinci 500 years on: How the genius changed your life - BBC News https://t.co/vSZZFMjKwM via @YouTube

Today, 2nd May 2019, is the 500th Anniversary of the death of one of the greatest creative geniuses to have walked this planet - Leonardo da Vinci.

Check out the opening celebrations @NationalGallery: https://t.co/4QKQPJCXQG

#polymath #daVinci500 #Leonardo500 #LeonardodaVinci

I Fagiolini review – insights and intricacies as superb ensemble set Leonardo to music https://t.co/hYVFUX5Nch

At one point, the Persian polymath Avicenna’s influence outstripped that of Aristotle.

Philosophy in the Islamic World, a #readinglist by @HistPhilosophy: https://t.co/vaKK5ThkEr

Great to be with #WaqāsAhmed talking about Peace One Day's plans, Impact Profile and his new book @ThePolymathBook - what an incredible man!

#Goal16 #Goal17 #Goal3 #CyberNonViolence

#RIP #OTD in 1472, Italian author, artist, architect, poet, priest, linguist, philosopher, cryptographer, polymath, Renaissance man, Leon Battista Alberti died in Rome at the age of 68. Basilica di Santa Croce, Florence https://t.co/HxvMIhvr6v

Ibn Sina was a Persian polymath who is regarded as one of the most significant physician, astronomer, thinker and writer. He has been described as the father of early modern medicine. he is known to have written, around 240 books, 150 on philosophy and 40 on medicine. #IbneSena